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Calligraphy and lettering courses in Vilnius

In our high-tech age of buzzing computers, never ending emails and constant text messages, there really is nothing more pleasurable than the sight of a few lines of handwritten letters and words. It is a significant art form which, thankfully, hasn't been ousted by our increasingly electronic modern-day life. Calligraphy is the disciplined art of hand-writing using a broad tip instrument such as a special felt pen or brush in one stroke – and it takes masses of practice and dedication to get it right. 

Calligraphy was regarded by Confucius as one of the “six arts,” being the skills and techniques ancient gentlemen must possess. As people in ancient times regarded studying, understanding characters and writing as equals, calligraphy was no longer purely a technique but equivalent to scholarly cultivation.

The courses with calligraphy master Rolandas Bilinskas was in great demand in Lithuania thanks to its outstanding methodology, clarity of its form and structure. Complete novices are welcome to Calligraphy courses in Vilnius, and all you need is bags of enthusiasm for the world of traditional calligraphy (not oriental). KaligrafijaTau Calligraphy courses is your way to become unique and experience you will get here could be unforgettable event in your life. The Calligraphy courses are useful for anybody who is interested in the culture of written letter, The Calligraphy courses in Vilnius with Rolandas Bilinskas casts a broader  view on the understanding of calligraphy and script and their important role in our everyday life 

Keep learning and experiencing new things. You never know how or when it may make an impact in the future.

    6 Reasons Why You Should Learn Traditional Calligraphy Here

  1. Calligraphy Trains Your Character. 
  2. Calligraphy Helps You Slow Down and Think. 
  3. Calligraphy Keeping To Our Roots. 
  4. Calligraphy and Writing are Therapeutic. 
  5. Calligraphy is Beautiful. 
  6. Special Methodology of Teaching Calligraphy you find nowhere else in Europe.

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